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Digital Course Mastery

2021 Edition

A Proven System To Create And Sell Wildly Profitable Digital Courses And Get Your First Sale In Less Than 34 Days, Even If You Aren't An Expert In Anything And Have Zero Following
**This Course Is Brand New For 2021 And Includes 60+ Videos Of In-Depth Instruction + 6 Limited Time Bonuses Covering Everything You Need To Succeed With Your Digital Courses From A-Z**

Are you interested in creating and selling a digital course, but you don't know where to start?

Not only that, but you have zero following and no clue how to set up the technology?

You're probably thinking:

✗ "I know digital courses are very lucrative, but I'm not an expert in anything..."

✗ "Nobody would pay me for my knowledge, that's ridiculous..."

✗ "I don't want to be seen as one of those digital course selling scammers..."

What if I could prove to you you're wrong?

What if I could take out all of the guess work and show you how anyone in the world (yes, even you) could create and sell a simple digital course on almost ANYTHING, without being an expert?

...And better yet, how to make people pay you for your knowledge over and over again.

And not only that, but people would be HAPPY they purchased a course from you?

And what if you could learn this from someone who has personally launched and sold 7 digital courses in 4 years, gained over 8,000 students, and sold over $1 Million in digital courses?

And what if I taught you absolutely everything you needed to know, from start to finish, and included everything I wish I would have known when I started to help you avoid mistakes that have cost me millions in potential sales?

Would you be interested?

You're probably thinking that sounds great, but now you're saying:

✗ "But what about the technology?"

✗ "I don't know how to set up my course, my sales pages, checkout pages, and membership areas..."

✗ "And what about collecting and sending automated emails, running ads, re-targeting, and setting up tracking?"

✗ "I don't know how to set up an automated webinar, and I don't know what to say..."

✗ "It's all too much for me..."

Okay, but what if I showed you how to do all of this one on one, step by step?

Better yet, what if I just gave all of this to you?

What if I gave you completely downloadable, plug and play sales pages, checkout pages, membership areas, lead magnets for collecting emails, and fully automated webinars?

What if I gave you completely automated, plug and play, logic based email sequences that could skyrocket your conversions?

What if I gave you full scripts and slides you could use for your own presentations?

...And what if I could show you how you could get sales of $297, $497, or even $997 over and over again, completely on autopilot, to completely happy customers that LOVE you?

What excuse would you have not to succeed then?

✗ "Well, I have zero following and I don't have an audience to sell to..."

✗ "I don't want to pay money to get potential customers..."

✗ "I have no idea how to grow an audience..."

✗ "Even if I did, how the heck do I do a launch?"

What if I gave you a completely systematized, step by step blueprint for organically growing a wildly passionate fanbase that LOVES you, organically without spending money?

And what if I gave you a full-proof method for launching your course that is almost sure to get you sales when you launch?

And if that's not enough, what if you not only got access to the Private Bye 9 To 5 Facebook Group, but also a BRAND NEW GROUP I created exclusively for DCM members only?

What if you received access to a private DCM community where you would be able to receive feedback from the community and work with me and each other to fine-tune your YouTube videos, sales videos, sales pages, laser-targeted messaging, niches, course outlines, and everything in between before you actually launch your course to the public?

What if you had a community to work together with, and you actually had fun doing this?

Then would you be interested? Of course you would.


✔ A systematic, full-proof method for creating and selling wildly profitable digital courses, even if you're not an expert in anything

✔ A full-proof blueprint for building a wildly passionate fanbase and audience, starting with zero following

✔ A step by step method and schedule for launching your course and getting sales the day you launch, all within 34 days

✔ Completely downloadable, plug and play technology for getting your course up and running so you can focus on creating content, providing value, growing your audience, and getting sales

✔ An automated system that will sell for you on autopilot for years to come

✔ A brand new Private Facebook Group for DCM members ONLY to work with each other on fine-tuning and receiving feedback on your sales pages, YouTube videos, niches, course outlines, funnels, laser-targeted messaging, and anything else you want help with before you release it to the public

Cool bro, but why should i learn this from you?

✔ Over the past 4 years I have successfully built and launched 7 digital courses including YouTube Courses, Dropshipping Courses, Affiliate Marketing Courses, and more

✔ I have grown to 8,000+ students in all of my courses combined

✔ I have made over $1 Million with my courses

Before becoming an entrepreneur, I received a Master’s degree in Business Psychology. This led me into student loan debt working as a business analyst at First Data.

 I realized very quickly that sitting in a cubicle working 60 hour weeks, getting 2 weeks a year for vacation, while making someone else rich was not the life I wanted to live.

During this time I began exploring online sources of income so that I could break myself away from the shackles of being a corporate slave and free myself to travel the world and live life on my own terms. 

I dove head first into every online business I could find. This eventually led me to finding some success in Dropshipping, and a lot of success in creating Faceless YouTube Channels.

Wanting to teach these new-found methods for building faceless YouTube channels, and knowing how lucrative selling digital courses could be, I created and launched my first digital course.

Launching my first course was the single most exciting and memorable moment I've ever had in my life.

Launching My First Course Was The Single Most Exciting And Memorable Moment I've Ever Had In My Life

I will never forget launching my first course and getting my first sale. 

The second you launch your course is the single most exciting day of your life, just because of the possibilities racing through your head on how much you might make.

I remember thinking:

"people are going to hate me."

"There is no way anyone is going to pay me for my course, my following is tiny and I've only made 9 videos before this."

"Even if someone buys it, they are going to refund it immediately."

Then all of a sudden, about 10 minutes after I launched the course.


I just got my first sale for $297.

Then followed another.. and another.. and another.

I couldn't believe it.

Even crazier, I didn't receive any dislikes on my sales video when I posted it.

But the most shocking thing to me was all of the positive feedback I received on my course.

 I thought my first course was terrible, and not one person asked for a refund.


In fact, everyone loved it and was super happy they bought it.

 I built a community of like-minded people, all working towards the same goals, and I was the leader of that community. It's a truly amazing feeling.

And the beauty in selling digital courses is that once you learn how to do it and launch it the right way, you can do it over and over again in any niche you want (like I am right now.)

Selling digital courses has been an absolutely blast, and has been by far my favorite thing I've ever done.

Introduction And Welcome!

Welcome to the program! 

Here you will receive an introduction, learn about me, get my personal email and support contact, and receive access to the DCM Exclusive Facebook Group and Bye 9 To 5 Private Facebook Group. 

You will then learn what's possible, why you should be excited about this, and what you need in order to be successful!

Choosing Your Laser Targeted Niche

In Chapter 2 we will walk you step by step through choosing your perfect niche, course topic, and unique selling point and make sure we pick one that you are passionate about and will enjoy teaching. You will also receive a list of 100 profitable course topics!

We will validate your chosen course topic using real-world data, explain how to fit your niche to a laser-targeted audience, and market it in an irresistible way using improvements vs. new opportunities for maximum conversions.

You will learn all about human nature and what turns your target audience into buyers. 

Building Your Passionate Fanbase

In this module we will walk you through building a passionate, loyal audience organically and capture interested prospective buyers worldwide. 

You will learn the three secrets to building a wildly loyal fanbase that I still use to this day. 

We will uncover how to create lead magnets to collect Emails, how to become a YouTube Master, a Facebook Machine, and ultimately find your first paying students organically WITHOUT investing huge amounts of capital.

You will also learn how to warm these people up to ultimately turn them into people who are dying to buy your course!

Structuring Your Digital Course 

In Chapter 4 we will unpack how to easily organize your course from the get-go.

This will include learning how to create your course outline to make sure you have everything covered, how to do idea branding for a truly memorable course, how to structure the course, the best (free) tools for the job, and everything else you need for a truly memorable course that will make your students happy they chose yours!

You will also learn how to master your pricing strategy and will get to learn from years of my trial and error and uncover how to do this right the first time.

We will also talk about setting up your LLC so you can set everything up the right way from the start!

Course Technology Mastery

In this module you will become a course technology master! 

You see, most course creators fail because they don't understand how to take advantage of the latest and greatest technology to turn your courses into well-oiled, conversion generating machines.

We will give you all of the downloadable, plug and play funnels you need for your sales pages, checkout pages, thank you pages, membership pages, and terms and conditions pages, and more importantly show you how and why they work. 

Here you will also set up your visitor tracking so that later we can become re-targeting monsters! You will also learn many other valuable secrets I have learned, such as how to protect your digital course from theft.

You will have all of this up and running in an hour or less, something that took me 3 months to learn and set up on my own!

Launching Your Digital Empire

Here is where the fun starts! 

In Chapter 6 you will learn exactly how to launch your first digital course, and get your first sale! 

You will receive the exact schedule, timeline, and script and process you should use for maximum conversions.

You will also learn the little known secrets that produce urgency, scarcity, and curiosity that make your prospective students take FAST ACTION and create a buying frenzy for your course.

Marketing Mastery

In Chapter 7 you will learn everything you need to know about becoming an advertising wizard! 

No matter how good your course is, if you don't learn how to market it correctly you will never reach your true potential.

Don't worry because here you will learn the secrets to a successful ad, advanced marketing tactics and strategies, how to track your visitors and re-target them, and how to run successful Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ad campaigns.

You will learn the secrets to split-testing, skyrocketing your conversion rates, and how to advertise like the pros for explosive profits.

Million Dollar Evergreen Webinar

In this chapter you will receive a fully functional, downloadable plug and play funnel for your automated evergreen webinar, which can take months to set up on your own!

You will learn the secrets of what makes a successful webinar and uncover how to structure it in a way that will produce maximum conversions from someone who has made hundreds of thousands of dollars off of my webinar.

You will also receive plug and play scripts and slides, and learn how to turn your webinar into a beautiful, automated selling machine!

Future Updates

Unlike most other digital courses, this course will always be updated with the latest information and whatever else of value that I learn along the way. 

This course is updated as of 2021 and will continue to be updated as needed.

I have always prided myself on over-producing when it comes to value, and that is why I will always make sure my courses stay up to date.
limited time bonuses


Page Funnels - Plug and play  funnels for sales pages, checkout pages, thank you pages, lead magnet pages for email collection, and membership pages that you can import into your account with a few clicks


Email Funnels - Logic based, plug and play automated Emails for your lead magnets, sales pages, membership funnels, and webinars for increasing Email conversions on autopilot that you can import into your account with a few clicks


Webinar Technology - Full plug and play functional webinar pages, logic based Email sequences, and scripts and slides for building an evergreen, automated webinar that sells itself on autopilot that you can import into your account with a few clicks


Scripts and Outline Templates - Script templates and slides for your webinars, YouTube videos, your launch, your Facebook group posts, and your Instagram DM conversations


List of 100 Course Topics - A full list of 100 profitable course topics and niches for you to choose from 


Exclusive Community - A BRAND NEW private Facebook group exclusive to DCM members for receiving feedback from me and the community on your YouTube videos, niches, sales pages, logos, course outlines, tech help, etc.

Take A Sneak Peek Inside...

I know right now you're thinking "Jordan, you're stupid. There's no way someone will pay me for anything I do." I thought the same exact thing, and I promise you you're wrong.

7 day 100% money back guarantee

I am serious about this program and I want you to be too. 
That is why I am offering a no questions asked, 7 day 100% money back guarantee.
No risk. 
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YES, I WANT THE PROVEN SYSTEMATIC formula for creating and selling wildly profitable digital courses and learn to get my first sale in 34 days

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